Online Training

The Question: How do you…

  • Develop training course content? In-house? Purchase courses?
  • Deliver training? Onsite? CBT? Offsite? Video? Live?
  • Ensure uniformity of training courses? i.e.. The NY employees getting the same content as the LA employees.
  • Comply with regulations that require you to train your employees (OSHA, EEOC, etc.)?
  • Keep track of who’s completed what training?
  • Evidence this training when required?
  • Keep updated on what training is required? Changes to regulations?

Training is essential, for a variety of reasons – required by law, to prepare employees to do their jobs. Chances are, you’re not in the training business. You don’t need to be if you use ComplyAbility. We take care of it all, for a cost probably much lower than if you did it yourself.

The Answer: ComplyAbility Online Training

HR Department Productivity

How do you:

  • Keep your employee manual updated? Is there a bigger headache in HR?
  • Keep all HR forms current and available to employees?
  • Distribute forms that employees request?
  • Find the time to have your HR employees do higher value work like find the best employees for the business and design development programs to make them even better?

You can easily offload the mundane tasks with ComplyAbility, thereby freeing up your HR professionals to do the higher value work essential to the growth of your business

ComplyAbility contains:

  • Self-Service HR Forms and Employee Manuals
  • W-4
  • Direct deposit enrollment
  • Vacation request
  • Job application
  • Payroll deduction authorization
  • Employee exit interview
  • Your own unique forms
  • Many, many more are included

Your company employee handbook or policy manual – It’s easy to update online.

Buttons on the screen directly link to your outside providers of:

  • Health benefits
  • 401(k) plan
  • Any other website (employee assistance, union, etc.)
  • Your company newsletter
  • Availability 24/7 from any internet-connected computer

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