Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets ComplyAbility apart from other online learning systems?

A: There are any number of online learning (or e-Learning), systems out there. Most of them offer good training covering a variety of topics. What they lack however, is “the rest of the package.” By that we mean that training is all they offer, when the employer’s needs extend far beyond training alone. ComplyAbility pulls it all together in one convenient place.

Q: Doesn’t ComplyAbility just deliver the same training to every employee?

A: No. To the contrary, ComplyAbility training is delivered to employees depending upon their job description or position within the company. Training is delivered based upon the employees needs, and it is done so automatically.

Q: Doesn’t adopting a system like ComplyAbility just add to the employer’s overall costs?

A: Far from it. Not only does ComplyAbility add a significant layer of liability protection to the employer’s operations, but it actually saves expenses in a variety of ways. Having forms, manuals, documents along with state and federal posters available at the employee’s fingertips eliminates the disruptions caused when an employee interrupts a co-worker to retrieve such material. There is no need to publish another employee policy handbook or any other manual as they are all available on the employer’s customized system. The list goes on and on.

Q: How does the employer manage the ComplyAbility system?

A: Every system subscriber is assigned one or more company administrators. This person easily controls the entire system…assigning training to specific individuals or groups, adding or deleting employees, managing documents, etc. It takes only a few minutes each day to manage the entire system.

Q: How does ComplyAbility control the frequency of training?

A: Training is defaulted to appear on an assigned individual’s curriculum on an annual basis, however the company administrator can easily change that frequency.

Q: We have a large number of our own company forms and other documents. Can we use these or must we use those that are already on the system?

A: You can add any number of forms, documents, manuals and guides you want, and you can assign access to any individual or group you want. There is no additional charge for doing so and you can do it in just minutes.

Q: What if we run into a problem or have an issue come up and we need some expert advice?

A: The ComplyAbility “Hotline,” where you can get expert advice on HR matters, is available to you, or to any employee during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

Q: Why make the “Hotline” available to employees?

A: In order to invoke an “Affirmative Defense” and thereby limit liability exposure, the employer is required to train and prove comprehension by the employee. Finally, the employer has to provide the employee with a means of reporting any workplace problem he or she may encounter. The “Hotline” serves this purpose and therefore the employee must have access to it.

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