What Does ComplyAbility Do?

At ComplyAbility 

  • We post employee handbooks, forms, guides and job specific guides/training programs on-line.
  • We maintain the currency of regulatory content and notify our clients of applicable changes in compliance law and jurisprudence.
  • We provide an “HR Hotline” that employers can call whenever they encounter a problem, have an HR issue or have a question.
  • We train managers and employees to maintain a safe, non-discriminatory, harassment-free workplace.
  • We teach employees how to report protected rights violations and we teach managers how to respond.
  • We test managers and employees on their comprehension of the training materials.
  • We report successful accomplishment of each training course and document every “transaction” between the employee and ComplyAbility.com.
  • We help employers build an Affirmative Defense to employee claims.
  • We help employers establish and document a “Best Practices” approach to compliance administration.
  • We provide an economical way to communicate and document company policies and procedures.
  • We enable you to keep employer policies and procedures up to date with regulation and jurisprudence at all times.
  • We dependably deliver better reporting and documentation of compliance-related activities.
  • Through training, we enable you to reduce loss experience and the cost of insurance such as Workers Compensation, Employer Practices Liability Insurance Coverage.

ComplyAbility is not limited to compliance issues only. Clients use ComplyAbility to accomplish all  their training and communications needs.

ComplyAbility can be utilized for job specific or company specific training and testing.  Statistics show that using e-learning, new employees get up to speed in 5 months as opposed to 9 resulting in increased productivity/profitability.

ComplyAbility literally allows unlimited customization of content and the flexibility to add/delete or update content immediately.

ComplyAbility can be utilized as a forms library and can house any and all forms the client would like to add.

ComplyAbility provides your company the ability to create and post unlimited frequently asked questions on unlimited topics such as benefits, policies, procedures, product information, sales contests, etc…..

Consider these facts…

  • All employers are subject to state, as well as federal law pertaining to employee and job specific training!
  • Employers must prove compliance with employee training requirements!
  • Even with a full-time human resources staff, it is virtually impossible to know you are in compliance with a lengthy and ever changing list of regulatory requirements!
  • An employee/employer lawsuit is filed every 81 seconds in the U.S.
  • Employee lawsuits have risen 14% in each of the previous 10 years.
  • 100,000+ EEOC violations were filed last year.
    • From November to April last year, over 70,000 claims filed – a 60% increase over the previous year!
  • Over $400 million is recovered for employees by the EEOC annually. 
  • Over 30,000 Sexual Harassment claims filed. 
  • Over 38,000 Retaliation claims are filed annually.
  • Over 34,000 Race Discrimination charges filed annually.
  • Over 30,000 Age Discrimination charges filed annually.
  • The # of harassment lawsuits filed in the past 5 years has doubled. 
  • The average settlement for a sexual harassment lawsuit is $450,000. 
  • Attorney fees and settlement charges now exceed $200,000 per case. 
  • EEOC regulations hold employers liable for employee training. 
  • Human Resource departments must be well trained and well equipped. 
  • Affirmative Defense and Dispute Resolution Programs are critical.  
  • We live in a litigious society today.  The reality is that business owners live with the risk of catastrophic litigation over employment practices, management activities (employee training or the lack thereof), and the wrongful or illegal actions of employees.

The ComplyAbility Regulatory Compliance system enables employers of all sizes to mount an “Affirmative Defense” as defined by the United States Supreme Court, proving that the company is doing “The Right Things – The Right Way” and avoid a catastrophic loss.

  • The list of required regulatory compliance and employee training issues is lengthy and includes: EEOC; ADA; Harassment; Discrimination; OSHA; ADEA; Specific Job Training based on job title and job duties; Testing; Tracking; poof of compliance, and the list goes on.

Compliance training is delivered and retained in the system.  Current versions of State and Federal employment posters are delivered to each employee via their “individual” home page.  Training is delivered in a consistently correct format to each employee through video (with audio) presentations.

  • Not only must information on your company policies be accessible to your employees at any time, it requires updating as circumstances warrant.  Chances are your policy manual is out of date!

If you so choose, your company policy manual will be reviewed by experts and then built into your personal home page and made available to all employees.  Continuous updating of your manual is then possible as conditions or the law requires AND is accessible to your employees on a 24/7/365 basis – without having to re-print and/or distribute updated material!

  • Training, whether compliance or job content specific, is achieved through the system in a fraction of the time required for traditional live training.  Employees and managers complete their training at their own pace and at their own convenience.  New or absent employees NEVER miss the training experience.

Comprehensive records of testing results and continual access to the system provides indisputable proof that your company correctly trains its employees and further, that those employees use their personal access to the system in regularly seeking information and answers.

If I Applied For A Job With You Today And Committed:

To provide customized training to fit the specific needs of your business.

  • Allow you to itemize and project training at a fixed cost.
  • Train, test, and ensure comprehension of all employees.
  • Document and retain all employee activity indefinitely.
  • Effectively update and post all of your policies and procedures.
  • Ensure 100% Compliance with all EEOC and OSHA regulations.
  • Resolve all employee disputes through a binding Dispute Resolution Program.
  • Reduce your insurance costs through training and Affirmative Defense.
  • Save time and money by putting every form, manual, and training program online.
  • Answer all of your employment related questions from any employee or manager via the hotline.

The Only Difference is:

I don’t need an office, desk, computer, or secretary.
I don’t need insurance, benefits, or vacations.
I don’t make costly mistakes or judge on emotion.
I will never have an attitude problem, or a bad day.


The ComplyAbililty System INCLUDES…

Proprietary login page with password protection
Proprietary human resource documents
Your Employee Handbook (Enterprise Version)
Management Procedures Guide
Your Employee Safety Handbook
Your Management Safety Manual(s)
Sensitivity Training Program and Test
Emergency Action Training Program and Test
Effective Hiring Management Training Program and Test
Management Safety Training and Test
Dealing with Problem Employee Mgmt Training and Test
All current forms on the site
Plus other Training Modules and Tests on the site
Toll-Free employee Hotline
Link to Health and Benefit web sites
Link to 401K plan providers that are on-line
Internal posting space for news
Site Maintenance provided by ComplyAbility
System Orientation and Training (Written text and instructional videos)

* Billed per month
At a flat rate based on number of employees

The Online HR Library at ComplyAbility is preloaded with over 7000 pages of Forms, Documents, Manuals, and Guides. Users also have the ability to upload an unlimited amount of new documents to their account. A document can be loaded and assigned to a specific group or employee within 30 seconds.

ComplyAbility also takes care of the company’s Employee Handbook distribution needs as well. Handbooks, management guides, and safety manuals are all uploaded to the user’s account in electronic format. Never again do they have to print and deliver employee handbooks. Employees can simply do a “keyword” search and find whatever information they need in seconds. In addition, updates are done and communicated to all employees in real-time. If the employer doesn’t currently have an employee handbook, ComplyAbility will write one for them (for a fee).  After it’s approved by the employer, it’s loaded on onto their site.

ComplyAbility offers a large number (100′s) of pre-loaded forms. (The following is just a small sampling.)

  • Disciplinary and Termination
    • Corrective Action Form
    • Disciplinary Leave
    • Disciplinary Warning
    • Employee Action Plan
    • Employee Warning Report Interactive
    • Suspension Form
    • Termination Review Checklist
    • Verbal Warning
    • Voluntary Exit Interview Form
    • Written Warning
  • Employee Forms
    • W-4 Spanish Version
    • W-9 Form
    • 2009 W-4 Form
    • Applicant Release
    • Direct Deposit Enrollment
    • Employee At-Will Employment Release
    • Employee Emergency Information Form
    • Employee Exit Interview
    • Employment Reference Release
    • Goal Planning
    • IRS Form 8300
    • Payroll Deduction Authorization
    • Reference Release
    • Religious Accommodation Request Form
    • Request for Family and Medical Leave
    • Request for Mediation/Arbitration
    • Servicemember FMLA Leave Request and Employer Response
    • Vacation Request Form
    • Verification and Consent Form
  • Employee Safety
    • Accident Witness Statement
    • Daily Forklift Inspection (Electric Truck)
    • Daily Forklift Inspection Sheet (Gas Powered)
    • Daily Inspection – Tractors
    • Electrical Safe Work Practices Checklist
    • Forklift Daily Checklist
    • Incident Report
    • Lockout Tagout Procedure
    • Lockout/Tagout Procedures Checklist
    • Respirator Cleaning Record
    • Sample MSDS Request Form
    • Spray Paint Operations Safety Checklist
  • Manager HR
    • Authorization to Make Deductions from Wages
    • Compensation Adjustment
    • Customer Safeguarding Information Inspection Sheet
    • EEO-1 Filing Information
    • Employee Absence Tracking
    • Employee Action Plan
    • Employee Information Confidentiality and Privacy Acknowledgment
    • Employee Status Change Form
    • Employment Verification
    • General Letter of Resignation
    • Hiring Manager – Candidate Evaluation Form
    • Hiring Manager – Prior Employment Reference Release
    • Hiring Manager – Sample Interview Questions
    • Independent Contractor
    • Internal Applications
    • Internal Candidate Record
    • Leave Approval – Non FMLA
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Meeting Minutes
    • Offer Letter
    • Position Description – Interactive
    • Position Description Questionnaire
    • Recruitment Recap
    • Reference Checking
    • Reference Request Letter
    • Salary Analysis Template
    • Sample Pre-Written Interview Questions
    • Texas New Hire Reporting Form
    • Thank You for Applying Letter
    • The Ideal Response to I-9 No Match Letters
    • Time Sheet
    • Training Acknowledgement
  • Manager Safety
    • Accident and Injury Report
    • Analysis and Review
    • Disciplinary Leave
    • Disciplinary Warning
    • Ergonomics Management Checklist
    • Ergonomics MSDS Prevention Checklist
    • Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record
    • Injury Report Form
    • Meeting Minutes Form
    • MSDS Checklist
    • OSHA 300 (2004 Version)
    • Respirator Medical Questionnaire
    • Safety Audit Checklist
    • Safety Violation
    • First Report of Injury
    • Employers Report for Reimbursement
    • Employers Wage Statement
    • Supplemental Report of Injury
    • Vehicular Accident Report
  • Managers
    • Customer Verification Worksheet
    • Expense Reports
  • New Hire
    • W-4 Spanish Version
    • 2009 W-4 Form
    • Applicant – Driving Record Release Form
    • Applicant – Employment Application
    • Applicant – Physical Exam Consent Form
    • Applicant – Prior Employment Reference Release
    • Applicant FCRA Release
    • Employment Background Investigation Authorization
    • Fair Credit Report Act – A Summary of Your Rights
    • Fair Credit Reporting Act Release for Background Checks
    • New Employee First Day Orientation Checklist
    • New Employee Safety Orientation Checklist
    • Payroll Deduction Form
    • Position Description – Interactive
    • Preliminary Notice of Adverse Action
    • USCIS I-9 Form
    • Verification and Consent Form
  • Manuals and Handbooks
    • Business/Operational
    • Employment Policies
    • Management Policies
    • Safety Practices

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