What We Do

We provide customized employee handbooks, forms, guides and job specific guides/training programs on-line.

We maintain the currency of regulatory content and notify our clients of applicable changes in compliance law and jurisprudence.

We train managers and employees to maintain a safe, non-discriminatory, harassment-free workplace.

We teach employees how to report protected rights violations and we teach managers how to respond.

We test managers and employees on their comprehension of the training materials.

We report successful accomplishment of each training course and document every “transaction” between the employee and ComplyAbility.

We help employers build an Affirmative Defense to employee claims, thus providing a tremendously valuable liability protection tool.

We help employers establish and document a “Best Practices” approach to compliance administration.

We provide an economical way to communicate and document company policies and procedures.

We keep employer policies and procedures up to date with regulation and jurisprudence at all times.

We dependably deliver better reporting and documentation of compliance-related activities.

We help you reduce loss experience and the cost of insurance such as Workers Compensation, Employer Practices Liability Insurance Coverage.

  • ComplyAbility is not limited to compliance issues only, clients can use ComplyAbility to accomplish all  their training and communications needs.
  • ComplyAbility can be utilized for job specific or company specific training and testing.  Statistics show that using e-learning, new employees get up to speed in 4 months as opposed to 9 resulting in increased productivity/profitability.
  • ComplyAbility literally allows unlimited customization of content and the flexibility to add/delete or update content immediately.
  • ComplyAbility can be utilized as a forms library and can house any and all forms the client would like to add.
  • ComplyAbility allows the client company the ability to create and post unlimited frequently asked questions on unlimited topics such as benefits, policies, procedures, product information, sales contests, etc…..

Consider these facts:

  • An employee-related lawsuit is filed every 81 seconds in the USA!
  • All employers are subject to state, as well as federal law pertaining to employee and job specific training!
  • Employers must prove compliance with employee training requirements!

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