Your Company is at Risk!

The Need for Employee Training, Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management is Critical!

ComplyAbility is an employee training, testing and performance tracking system, and a whole lot more. 

It’s a resource of information (forms, documents, manuals), a company-wide communications and employee messaging system and a sophisticated management tool that satisfies the regulatory compliance and risk management needs shared by every employer.

What’s your risk?

Harvard Law Review© - You stand a one-in-three chance of being sued.  Employers are the target of aggressive lawyers representing unsatisfied customers, creditors, jealous competitors – and to an increasing degree disgruntled employees.  Employee vs. employer lawsuits are the fastest growing area of litigation today, raising an average of over 14% each year. Today there is an employee/employer lawsuit filed every 81 seconds in the USA! 

EEOCFilings are increasing dramatically.  The most recent statistics show a 60% increase in filings over a year earlier.  In 2010, the EEOC recovered over $400 million for employees! 



Regulatory ComplianceIf you have 15 or more employees you face the same regulatory
compliance mandates as General Motors
, with the exception of two?  GM has hundreds of lawyers on their
payroll.  Do you? 


Most Claims are Preventable
But You Must…

 Train and Document It To Significantly Reduce Risk


       Key Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Are our employees adequately trained?
  • How are we training currently?
  • How much time is spent managing employee training, documents, forms and required paperwork?
  • Do we train on all regulatory compliance mandates?
  • How do we maintain training records?
  • Does every employee receive all required training all of the time?
  • How do we currently limit our liability exposure?


Reduce risk for just pennies per day! 


More than Just Training!

After 30 days, your credit card on file will be billed in the same amount on each monthly anniversary date of your purchase until and unless you cancel, which you can do at any time.
The ComplyAbility System is Internet Based.  After your register, the system will be immediately available.  You will use your assigned User Name and Password to login.

Here’s what you get.

  1. Training modules covering regulatory compliance, managerial and job specific training
  2. Dozens of business and personnel forms
  3. Ability to post an unlimited number of company news items
  4. Use of the internal employee messaging and message archiving system
  5. System branding (make ComplyAbility your own)
  6. Dozens of business, employment, management and safety educational materials and manuals
  7. A variety of reports telling you who has completed their required training and who hasn’t – (track current, incomplete and overdue training)
  8. Add an UNLIMITED number of employees
  9. Assign training, forms, manuals and documents to employees based on their specific need.

ComplyAbility is the most comprehensive business compliance and communication tool ever developed.

  • Improves employer protection
  • Improves training & process efficiency
  • Saves significant time & $$$$
  • Improves employer/employee communication
  • Improves documentation, tracking & compliance
  • Improves ROI on training
  • Easy to use
  • Exceedingly LOW COST!


 What do our clients have to say?

“I have an HR background and this system and service is the real deal. It is so much more than an HR package.  It is safety, management advise, health, and life. We have had a couple employees test this system and once an attorney reviews the training materials they are not heard from again. It works!! Prevents losses and assures training is up to date. It’s the confidence in knowing that we are in compliance.  I can tell you this, I would not even consider having a business without this tool.”    George Mancuso, Client Growth Consultants Inc.

“We’ve been a client of the System for over 8 years and my employees’ training is always current and complete.  Moreover, we have the documentation to prove that we are doing the right things in the right way.  Our HR compliance system protects our business by addressing all our employment regulatory issues.”        Scott McKinney, BizPortz, Inc.

 “I’ve seen a lot of HR and training systems, but I have never seen one that Pulls It All Together like this one.  What a terrific way to achieve your employment training and compliance.”    Senior Supervisor for the United States Department of Labor, Office of the Federal Contract Compliance Program 

 “Our businesses include numerous dealerships, real estate management, and trucking services.  We simply could not keep up with the regulatory issues and training requirements without hiring an extensive staff.  This System is so much more than compliance.  The System benefits not only our business and our employees, but the employees’ families as well….they can access the system anytime for answers and information.  We’ve never worked with anything better.  ComplyAbility has never disappointed us, and it has our total trust.”                    Ted Alexander, 4D Services Corp.



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