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ComplyAbility is a State of the Art, online Human Resources software tool designed to assist you and your management team in all aspects of employee training and development, along with issues regarding Regulatory Compliance, EEOC, OSHA, ADA, ADEA, Harassment, Environmental Health & Safety, Workman’s Compensation, Required Manuals, Benefits, Proof of Compliance and other Legal and/or Human Resource Management compliance concerns and requirements. It is not only about making your company better, it is about corporate and business risk management.

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Training employees online is often referred to as e-Learning. Today it simply makes economic sense to conduct government mandated, as well as other employee training and development via the Internet.  Training conducted in the so-called “conventional” way (an instructor in a classroom setting), is inefficient, inconvenient, and expensive in addition to other limitations.

Ask yourself this important question: What happens when we conduct “live” employee training?  The reality is that not every employee receives that training.  Some employees are sick, on vacation, out running the business, etc.  Those individuals do not receive that training. You face the same problem with an employee you hire tomorrow. They don’t receive the training you conduct today.  These problems are NEVER encountered with an online employee training system such as ComplyAbility.

HR Hotline

ComplyAbility clients have instant access to the HR Hotline for consultation with an HR expert when conditions warrant.  The HR Hotline is an invaluable resource in that it is just like having a high-priced HR expert right down the hall to assist you whenever you have an HR-related issue.

What’s the purpose of the HR Hotline?

First, it gives your employees a way to report problems and/or express concerns without fear of retaliation. Employees are directed to call the Hotline first – before resorting to any other action, like filing a claim with the EEOC or a civil suit against the company.

Second, the Hotline is a tremendous tool for the employer. Whenever you have an HR question: Do I need to conduct a background check? How do I fire this person and avoid a lawsuit? How do I handle this harassment issue? Is this person exempt? The list goes on and on, and our HR experts are there to help.

Your call to the hotline is FREE! It’s included in the low monthly fee you pay with your subscription to ComplyAbility.

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Government Mandated Regulatory Compliance Training

A substantial amount of employee and corporate training is mandated by government agencies (notice that word – MANDATED – as in REQUIRED).  Regulatory Compliance is an area that, unfortunately, is often overlooked by employers.  It might be safety training mandated by OSHA for example, but there are others that the employer should not overlook.

Penalties & Fines

In actuality there are several agencies within the Department of Labor alone that investigate employee claims and are able to audit your company and assess penalties and fines.  Additionally, plaintiff’s attorneys stand ready to assist current or former employees in suing your company for violations of their rights.

With all the mandates and risk of financial loss, the wise Human Resources professional attempts to proactively train the workforce on topics that will ensure compliance and minimize risk to the employer.  ComplyAbility is the most robust, yet economical tool available allowing them to do just that.

Human Resources Toolbox

Employee training is just one aspect of the ComplyAbility system.  Employers also have to manage any number of additional human resource related issues.  Maintaining an open line of communications is critically important to employee morale, as is providing ready access to benefits provider information.  Document and forms management is yet another area that must be considered, along with maintaining and regularly updating your employee policy manual (employee handbook) and safety manual.  Employers are universally required to have material safety data sheets on file for every chemical or other potentially hazardous material with which employees may come into contact.

Here again, ComplyAbility is the perfect solution.  It is the “one-stop” shop for employee training, testing and performance tracking tools every employer needs, as well as a human resources toolbox satisfying a broad range of needs shared by every employer.

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What will happen when you call?

1. When you call, we’ll give you a tour of the ComplyAbility system, answer all of your questions, and show you how to train all of your employees and protect your company for just pennies per day.

2. We’ll train you in the use of the system, explain customization and the setup process and how to assign training, forms and other materials to your employees based on their position in the company or their job description.  ComplyAbility is NOT a “cookie-cutter” system.  It is customized and branded exclusively for your company.

We will educate your assigned “Company Administrator” (you may have more than one if you wish).  They will need to understand the process of ComplyAbility system setup… adding your employees, forms, manuals, documents, etc.  Additionally, they also need to grasp the concept of “groups.” This is how training (in addition for forms, documents, manuals, etc.), is assigned to specific individuals. We will explain this and other important features of the system to you.  We are available to perform setup for you at an optional cost.  There are also instructional videos in the system if you don’t want our assistance, such as adding your employees to the system or inputting your employee handbook. If you don’t want to do system setup yourself, we will need to secure that information from you.

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